Monday, August 25, 2008

Crazy Jenna..... and her tutu!

I have finally broken down and have given into Jenna's desire to be in a dance class. I have drug my feet for as long as possible....because I don't like when it becomes a popularity contest, or just the latest rage for young girls, the skimpy little outfits, eating disorders, or an avenue for a mother to live through her missed childhood through her own know those stage moms...that we all can't stand! After much debate I have decided to let the girls try dance in hopes that they will have fun some pure... and simple... fun, and enjoy just moving around.....WITH NO PRESSURE or strings ATTACHED! We don't start until next week and I a praying that I made the right choice of where to send them, I am hoping it will be a good experience, they each have a good friend in the class, so if nothing else it can be a play date.
So, a little over a month ago, I got a wild idea to take some pictures of Jenna in her tutu, yes the one she loves to where all around. Baylee, last week made her own tutu and entered it in the county fair and received a Blue Ribbon.... it was so cute... she made all on her own...stay tuned for a picture in her cute tutu.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Wonderful HUBBY!

A special thanks to my awesome husband. He watched the kids for a much needed mommy break/buisness trip. J and the kiddos managed to survive for 4 solid days while me and my girlfriend Kim flew to Vegas for a Vacation/Market Trip. They we all alive and well when I returned. (It is a little disappointing to relize the family can function without the MOM.) I am not sure they even missed me. We had an amazing time from seeing Phantom, shopping, facials and massages at the Day Spa, laughing, walking the streets of VEGAS, great food (way too much Ben & Jerry's 5lbs later....) and some much needed down time at Kim's wonderful CONDO. THNAK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I have a great husband to let me fly off on a girls trip! I love you and appreciate all the little things you do for me and and the kids. It never ceases to amaze me how I beg to have a moment for myself and I get one and relize how lost I am without my little family. They truely complete me! I had the time of my life, but missed them soooo much. I feel like a new mom and wife. Thanks honey! Kim and I are already planning our next escape!!!!