Monday, February 23, 2009

NOT 1, NOT 2, NOT 3, BUT 4........ 5 if you count my husband!

Well, I thought I would share our big news!!!!!! Our kids are so excited they tell everyone including janitors, random checkers at the grocery store, and people we do not even know. Sooooo..... Here it is..... we are having another baby the beginning of SEPTEMBER. We are all excited.... Especially Jayson! Mom is a little over whelmed with zero energy and the pukes, and wondering if she can do this again? Scared...... to say the least! The kids, and of course grandmas are so excited and besides themselves. They have already picked out names and have major plans.....for when the baby comes. Which in Jenna's words "is too long away". I would have to agree!!!!
This year is the year of the baby in both my family and Jayson's. All, but one of my sisters, sis-in-law in my family are all expecting within a month of me, and Jayson brother Jerry and Katie are expecting within a couple of weeks..... of us. There must have been something in the punch at the Family PARTIES!!! We are excited for Cousins to be so close!!! It is nice for me to have someone to share the morning sickness blues with, and actually have someone that can relate.
We are blessed that we get another one to add to our family. Let's hope we can manage without being a too CRAZY family of 6! Wow that number even scares me!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Gratitude....A Time and Season for Everything!

I have been extremely lost in the blogging world,(haven't had the desire, nor the time) and I have never been one to lay my feelings out on the line and expose myself to openness, but today I just wanted to write down my feeling of gratitude. Yesterday, after years of serving as Primary President I was released. I spent all day in tears of gratitude, as I reflected on all the great moments along the way, and all the special things that took place over the last 3 yrs. What a blessing it was for me to have had this great opportunity. I still remember the feelings of inadequacy when I was first called, and wondering if I could ever do it. Those feelings were still present even in the end, but yesterday I found myself praying that I had done my job, and hopefully touched one child along the way with helping their testimony grow in the Gospel. Many times, I found myself the one being taught in countless ways by the kids.They have strong spirits and they are truly chosen for this day. Now, I find myself feeling LOST, wondering what lies in store for me now. I find faith in knowing that the man upstairs knows more than we do, and that everything happens for a reason. I feel so blessed to have had this great opportunity to serve in the Primary. I will miss the perfect love and smiling faces of all my Primary Kids. Primary and Primary Children will always hold a special place in my heart. What a blessing and a cherished time!