Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Jenna!

OCT 15th 2002
She is such a cutie and keeps me and her dad on our toes! She had a never ending week long celebration for her birthday....a family party before we headed to Cali for DISNEYLAND family vacation, which she naturally assumes was totally for her and her birthday. She may have gotten that idea form all the Princesses singing Happy Birthday to her as she ate breakfast with them. It will be hard to beat next year. Keep watching and someday when I get a few extra seconds I'll share her pics with all the Princesses and the Fun we had at Disneyland together. Happy birthday little J. We love, love, love ya!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So I turned 31 last week and despite my nervousness about getting old, it happened to be a great day. All my good friends called or came over, which was fun, cuase birthdays are so boring when you are the MOM and your OLD! My wonderful Hubby sent flowers and we ended the day with a trip to a Logan to the Halloween light park and cornmaze. I got to hang out with my family, Jaysons family and my wonderful kids. It was a good day,considering I am OLD, and only getting older. I have had a plan my whole life that took me to about the age 30. Well, I am now 31 and guess I need a new plan, because I never pictured myself past 30 and it is definately here, whether I want it or not. In my next 30 years...... I will
I will say I love You at least 30 times each month.
Jump out of a plane!!!
Take a little more time for myself and read 30 killer books without feeling guilty.
Be there for all the special moments with my kids.
Not be so crazy about a tidy house and enjoy the little things a little more.
Go on way more fun and outrageous trips....capture unforgetable memories!
Reconnect with long lost friends!
Take way more naps!
Make sure that a moment never goes by that I didn't cherish TIME!
Eat more popcorn in bed while me and my hubby watch TV.
Run a 1/2 Marathon!!!! (yes, this may not happen, but it would be fun)
Eat more ICECREAM!
Hire a maid to clean windows and baseboards!
Learn to like laundry!
Start a journal...This could be tricky! I am so already behind in blogging!
Wow! I could go on forever it is a good thing I have 30 more years to figure it all out, I guess I will start a new plan!
Jasyon and I went to the AGGIE AND BYU game and out to eat with friends for my B-day too it was fun to go back to our old stomping ground and hangout. YES.... that was another reminder about how old we are getting. I swear we were just in that stage (college days) and now we have 3 kids and it has been 9 yrs later and everyone there looks so young. Don't worry it happens to the best of us.....GETTING OLD!