Friday, April 11, 2008

Spiderman....and his Birthday Bash!

Here are some pictures of last weeks fun filled weekend!

Gavyn, AKA Spiderman had a heck of a birthday last weekend from the party, cake, pinatas, endless gifts, and great company. He still thinks that it is his special birthday... even a week later! That could be our fault since we had a 3 day celebration. The party didn't end there,... some good friends from Rexburg called us and invited us to meet them for swimming, an overnight stay at the hotel and MONSTER TRUCKS in Pocatello. Of course, Jayson could not turn them down, so we spent the weekend in ID. The kids loved the MONSTER TRUCKS, and of course the swimming! It was a fun break for us, and so fun to visit with our good friends Gabe and Amy B., and their cute little family. We go way back to MN. It is so fun to be so close now.

I managed to squeeze in a couple photo classes from the Great Photographer Jon Williams before we headed up to ID. It is a fun new hobby. These are a few of the models that I had the opportunity to photograph. They were great and very beautiful! They hold real still and do exactly what you ask, unlike my usual models....(my kids!)

Jayson is gone for the weekend to sunny LAS VEGAS.... another guy trip to the NHRA Drag Races. I am sure he is in HEAVEN! We miss him! It is ironic, and mind boggling that, the same weekend he is out of town I get offered to go with the gals to Park City overnight and shopping. Go figure! Oh well, I am sure I'll get my turn soon enough!


The McCulloughs said...

Taggart would have been in heaven at that Spiderman bash! And you do know what you are doing little miss photographer! You are awesome! I wish I could take pics like that!

Jo said...

Looks like Gavyn was having a blast at his party! You do a great job at taking pictures! Thanks for taking some of us, I told Nate you just have a good eye for it and the creativity bug to find good spots to take at. We had a fun weekend hanging out with you, Katie, Grandma and the kids! It just goes to show we girls will make sure we have some fun even when the guys are out partying! I wish my kids would hold still for pictures as well as your models did! Probably not much chance, huh?

Erika said...

Fun birthday and cool to see old friends, how fun!! And your pictures are looking great! It's great taking pics of people that hold still and want to look great! Sorry I missed you guys...some other time!

Bingham Family said...

What a fun birhtday week! I love birthdays we always try to make it exciting for our kids. You guys always do fun things. We need to go to dinner soon. I heard from Dusty who heard from Ryan (gossip boys)that Todd and megan are coming back...have you heard anything? We should have a welcome back party!?! we need a reason to get together!

Ali said...

Oh my goodness, you have been so busy haven't you?? Love the spiderman party, that's great! Jayson must be so happy that Mr. Gavyn is 100% Boy The masks are hilarious, I'm still laughing. Monster Trucks!! Wow, that is straight up Pocatello fun right there.. and Photography wiz!! Wow, you are so good, you amaze me!! I want some tips. I love hearing about your life, it is so fun to keep in touch..