Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend (a get away to St. George)

This weekend we went to St. George for a little get away. I got to visit a long lost friend from High School/ College Roommate MANDY and her cute little family. It was fun to reconnect and have a blast from the past. We reminisced about the good old days and laughed and enjoyed visiting.....while our kiddos played and played and played. Gavyn finally found a boy his age and had a ball with Mandy and Cam's son Tag. It was fun spending time with them and their cute little family.

We opted to rent a condo, because I couldn't bear the thought of spending money on a hotel room that I would still have the kids sleeping in the same room as us. It just doesn't seem right if you are on vacation! This was definitely the way to go with a kitchen, washroom, and 3 bedrooms. Jayson talked me into taking the 4 wheelers and we went 4 wheeling with his friend and his girls for a few hours. The weather was perfect and not too hot so we could enjoy our self on our ride. I actually had fun, and felt bad we didn't get to do more of it! We got to hang out with Robin Vinutee and see his awesome Helicopters. We haven't quite talked Jayson into riding in one yet though!

We went to the St. George Temple and spent time walking around. It was beautiful!

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The kids had a ball playing the the water at a park in downtown St. George. We couldn't hold them baack!

Then we were off to ZIONS. It was breathtaking! The kids loved the mile and a half tunnel that we had to be escorted through because of the 4- wheelers and trialer. Let's just say we were a wide load!!!!!

We hiked around and did some playing and then we were off through the mountains through Brian Head Ski Resort. It was snowy and freezing, but beautiful!

Our last stop was at Cove Fort. This may have been one of our favorite stops! We took a tour and heard all the great stories. They did amazing things back then! It was a spectacular place and we truely enjoyed it. What great Pioneers!

We had a wondrful weekend with friends, relaxing, seeing amzing country, four wheeling, and spending time together as a FAMILY! We made it home just in time to decorate graves. We hope you all had a wonderful MEMORIAL DAY too!


Angie said...

Hi Melissa! I got to your blog from Mandy's. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I am Amy Richardson Haddock's older sister. Your blog is darling and so are your kids!! It is so fun to see others blogs who I know!

The McCulloughs said...

It was so good to see you all again! Let's try not to go so long the next time before we see each other or our kids will be all grown up! So glad that you had fun and the weather ended up alright. We love that park in downtown and Zion's is always beautiful and fun. Let us know when you are ready for another trip! Take care

Ali said...

What a fun weekend! I love it when we can successfully pull off a vaca with the kids, it always seems like so much work, but the memories and good times are priceless. I'm glad that you got to see Mandy and her cute family, I still have yet to meet her darling kiddos! I was actually in Tremonton on Memorial Day for my family party, and I wish that I would have known that you were back in town that day! I thought that you would still be down South living it up! We will for sure come down in July sometime and get together.. Your pictures, ,as always, are stunning! You have got some crazy good talent when it comes to photography, and being photographed too!!

Bingham Family said...

Fun Trip! As always love the pics. I missed you at the ball game...Jayson said you had one of those days... totally understand. I think we might go out sometime for Dusty b-day I''ll let you know if we do.

Jo said...

Looks like a fun trip! Great pictures too! About the title, sounds good we'll be watching the mail, and don't worry about it, everything is working out, no hard feeling here. We still love you Guys and the Jeep too! I'm sorry we missed you this weekend too, Corbin always asks if he can play with Baylee, Jenna and Gavyn. He is always disappointed when they're not around. I'm glad you all had a good time in St. George, it sounds like a fun trip we'll have to try someday!

Katie said...

Looks like fun! I'm jealous you had such good weather! It was pretty yucky here!

Erika said...

Looks like fun, too bad it was a crazy trip and we weren't really in the right places to see you...but oh so close! The kids and your pics look great too!!