Monday, December 22, 2008

A Verry Merry Christmas!

The fun has begun and I cherish each time this Season comes around. We have been super busy with parties galore, and all the fun that Christmas brings. It is a special time of the year filled with much joy and some madness too. I have mixed emotions about all the commerialism that occurs during this time, but love all the wonderful opprotunities it brings. We have been tring to focus and find comfort in the true meaning of this holiday season, and this year I have made it a special point to focus on the true Reason....Christ. We have been sharing with those in need, and we recently gave FHE at a local Nursing home. I think those things are the things the kids have enjoyed the most......GIVING! Life seems to get to crazy some times and we end up running from here to there. We have been trying our best to find time just being together as a family. We and have decorated a Gingerbread House with tons of Candy (Dad even enjoyed this activity) . We have made our annual trip to see the Christams lights on temple square, taken a horse drawn caraige ride, we rode Frontrunner with our cousins and Grandparents! WE have seen many great frineds, laughed with fimily and have truely enjoyed the Season. We are so excited for Christmas!


Erika said...

Looks like it's been a great holiday season! Loved your Christmas card! Have a good Christmas tomorrow!!

The McCulloughs said...

It is the most wonderful time of the year huh? Looks like you had a great holiday! Your gingerbread house looks better than ours, Tag was too into pouring frosting all over ours! Holidays are the most fun with kids!