Monday, February 9, 2009

Gratitude....A Time and Season for Everything!

I have been extremely lost in the blogging world,(haven't had the desire, nor the time) and I have never been one to lay my feelings out on the line and expose myself to openness, but today I just wanted to write down my feeling of gratitude. Yesterday, after years of serving as Primary President I was released. I spent all day in tears of gratitude, as I reflected on all the great moments along the way, and all the special things that took place over the last 3 yrs. What a blessing it was for me to have had this great opportunity. I still remember the feelings of inadequacy when I was first called, and wondering if I could ever do it. Those feelings were still present even in the end, but yesterday I found myself praying that I had done my job, and hopefully touched one child along the way with helping their testimony grow in the Gospel. Many times, I found myself the one being taught in countless ways by the kids.They have strong spirits and they are truly chosen for this day. Now, I find myself feeling LOST, wondering what lies in store for me now. I find faith in knowing that the man upstairs knows more than we do, and that everything happens for a reason. I feel so blessed to have had this great opportunity to serve in the Primary. I will miss the perfect love and smiling faces of all my Primary Kids. Primary and Primary Children will always hold a special place in my heart. What a blessing and a cherished time!


chloereeseblog said...

My Mom told me how sad you were. You really did a great job I think. You'll do great at your future calling too. I personally love change because you always find out something new about yourself. Good luck.

Jo said...

Primary is Special! It's a whole different kind of learning experience. I don't know what I'd do if I got the calling as President. I'm still scared to death being 2nd Counselor and don't feel like I've got a clue what I'm doing. You did a great job and My Mom told me often how great you were. I was sad to leave my beloved Sunbeam class to be put in the Presidency. Those little Spirits have a way of teaching us, that know one else can. I love our Primary too. Whatever you do next you'll be Great at it and learn to love it too. By the way...Congrats again, incase Jayson didn't pass on my message. I'm Happy for you!

Erika said...

I had very similar feelings when I got's hard and you miss them, you don't know how you'll ever sit still through RS and Sunday School ever again!! I got released as YW President awhile ago because of all our issues lately and I did a lot of crying...I will miss those girls too! Good luck!

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I know that feeling. I have been there. You did a wonderful job and I'm glad my kids were in there with you.

And never fear, I'm sure you'll get a new calling that's bound to fill up your time! lol You can have mine!

The Seven Family said...

Melissa - Hi! I hope you don't mind, but I checked out your blog off of Erika's. It was so fun to look at your cute family (your kids have so grown!!) and what you guys have been doing. It looks like things are going really well. By the way - girl, you look good!! Keep in touch.
Lisa Ball