Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Utah Dental Association

Last weekend Jayson and I took his staff down the the UDA. We got to see some of our old dental friends from MN, who are now practicing in UT. It was fun to remenisce about the past (school daze) and the ups and downs, oh the moments! We all are embracing the present and although the past was good, it seems like we all are enjoying the present. We have come to the conclusion that the past was worth it, and has got us to where we are today, although we are glad it (school) is over!

These are the wonderful ladies that Jayson gets to work with daily. He is always saying how blessed he is to have a staff that gets along so well.... (considering they are all women). They do a great job, and he appreciates all their hard work in behalf of Haws Family Dentistry. There are a few of our ladies missing in this picture, but we managed to have an enjoyable dinner at Rodizio at Trolley Square!

They each invited their spouse, and we ate and ate and ate, till we could eat no more. It was fun, after a long day at the convention!


Erika said...

Fun stuff Melissa, your shirt is so fun..love it..and wish I were eating and Rodizio's!! Yum! Who did you get to visit from MN?

Allison Lee said...

YUM Rodizio sounds sooo good right now! I'm so happy for you guys that you are out of school, and look to be doing well. You guys totally deserve it after those many long years at school. I still have a hard time thinking of Jayson as a DR. though....hee hee hee