Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tagged AGAIN! This time by Jacque........(MY SWEET LITTLE KIDS)

4 Things you may not know about GAVYN.....

1. He absolutely adores his father. They have a special bond only father and son can have. He loves to be with him, and everyday asks to go and visit his dad at his dental office for LUNCH. He can usually talk his father into going to "DONALDS" or out to get pizza, the latest thing is they get corn dogs (YUCK!) He is a carbon copy of his father and Jayson loves every minute of people saying G-man (a nick name from dad!) looks just like him. I love his big brown eyes!

2. His best friend next to Dad is Jenna. They can play for hours everyday. It is so cute to watch them play. Jenna is great to involve him and listen to his cute little words. It cracks me up the things he says.... Like...Mom I got the hiccups, can I spit these hiccups out?

3. He is BOY through and through. He loves to ride the four wheeler with dad, and is aways requesting to "go faster dad"!. He has been nicked named "Tool MAN" by grandpa Haws! He can fix about anything, or so he thinks, with some type of tool (stolen from dads tool pile). He loves to wrestle, jump and climb.... he is always so happy and full of energy. It tires me out just watching!

4. He absolutely is crazy over Spiderman. He begs to watch the movie over and over and can not seem to get enough of it...we even have to take it and watch it in the car! I know, I know, it isn't the best movie for a 2 year old, but he loves it! He has every outfit ever made for Spiderman, and is usually wearing it under his clothes everyday. Yes, I would say he is obsessed!, but... it is so cute and I love it when he make the web sound and shoots his arms out!

All about JENNA 4 things you may not know!

1. She loves horses! She has every color of stuffed horse and every size of stuffed horse ever made. The only thing she is missing is a real horse! Thank heavens for Jesse and Gma M and for letting her claim their horses as her own. She is a cowgirl at heart and loves to wear her sassy pink cowgirl boots. She plays her Nintendo DS, HORSE game and, takes good care of feeding,riding, and grooming "Sally" all day long. We should surprise her and get her a real horse. (What else are we going to do with all this land). Maybe the horse could eat the 5 arcers of weeds! Jenna....keep working on your dad, he will eventually give in!

2. Jenna love to color and draw. She spends the majority of her time at the counter drawing. She loves to create "books" and is always thinking of special people she can give her master pieces to. I usually am the special recipient of them and I love them, especial when she explains all the little details. You know how you sometime underestimate how smart your kids are. She picks up on everything. Jenna doesn't miss a beat and is observant in all things. She is our firecracker! Oh how we love Jenna! She keeps us on our toes!

3. She is all about fashion! She loves to dress herself... you should see the things she comes up with. She changes her clothes at least twice everyday. , even when mom says NO! She loves skirts and PINK (the color of Princesses!) You will usually see her in a hat (even at church), because she absolutely hates getting her hair done and whines about it until mom gives in and stuffs a hat on her head and a big old flower. (Thanks Chloe Reese... You make moms life so much easier!) She totally pulls it off with out a hitch, everyone loves the hat look! More power to you girl! She has defiantly got the attitude to go with it all!

4. Her favorite food is PB and JELLY and Easy Mac and Cheese. She could eat his at every meal. Oh yes, and let us not forget the HOTPOCKETS! Don't worry she does like something healthy......GRAPES!

MISS BAYLEE in a Nutshell.. 4 things you may not know!

1. She is becoming quite the guitar player! She is doing a bang-up job at it! She likes to take her guitar to perform at school, for show and tell, talent shows, Church....yes, and even in scary sacrament meetings. I hope she sticks with it! She is talented!

2. Baylee absolutely loves school, and looks forward to going each day! She loves to learn and is always wanting to know more (she gets that from her father)! Her teacher, MRS. BARRUS often comments of her ability to lead her classmates, and her friendship to everyone! She excels in learning.... and just may be the next dentist in the family! She is very artsy(Detailed in art and very crafty) and is always creating... I am sure she gets that from her mother!:)

3. She has always been a princess, you know dainty and royal, but not when it comes to her new found love of soccer. According to her teachers and others at school she is out playing soccer at every break and every lunch period. From what I hear it is mostly boys that play, with her and a couple other girl as the exception. I often ask her..."Doesn't it hurt when you get kicked, or hit with the ball?" Her reply is simply....."It is all just part of the game mom, you can't cry like a baby or girl!" She may be our next soccer star on the US girls soccer team! Watch out!

4. Baylee has a killer voice! She loves to sing and even at a young age she would hear a song on the radio once and would have the words memorized by the next time she heard the song again. She just did a duet for a school program just last week. She is a total music junky and can jam to any type of music, but she especially loves Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and Taylor Swift! She sings like a bird! If she is not talking your ear off, she is singing a song.

A few of my favortie things ( you may or may not have known) about my adorable rug rats... we are TAGGING Kelly M, Jolynn, Veronica, and Kenna. Have fun girls!


The McCulloughs said...

Your little Baylee must have gotten your voice; lucky for her! So fun to discover some things about your cute little ones. Jacque tagged me too and I will do it eventually! I love the pictures of your kids. They all look like both you and Jayson!

Jo said...

It was fun to read about each of your kids! They are pretty dang cute and talented!