Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We're Back...from our 7 island adventure!

It was amazing! Ok...Ok... Ok... So, for the last 2 days I have been working on a preview of our trip. Bear with me while I share some pics...ok so I took 900 pictures (I know, I think I may be crazy, just be glad you are not seeing them all!). Thank heavens its digital, because film would have put me in the poor house! Anyway to make a long story short, I started with a slideshow, and couldn't get it to load after hours of uplaoading, so then I went back to posting them straight to the blog, and after seeing it was going to take up a whole years worth of space, I went back to slides. I am not computer savy,.. and I am just about ready to scream!!!!! So, indulge me and have fun looking at all the fun things we did. It is a wild mess..(the post), but the TRIP was amazing and beautiful. Just what we both needed. We spent hours resting and relaxing, and the best part was no tooth-ache phone calls! We couldn't have asked for anything else! We saw amazing islands and cruised the ocean in a gigantic ship! The sunsets on the ship were amazing and so peaceful!

So, I just have to share about my hubby and how he was offered "weed" by random islanders comming up to him on three seperate occacions/islands. My freinds and I just laughed and we have attributed it to his looks, and his GOOD sole patch on his chin. He does looks a little wild, and doesn't fit the typical DENTIST mold!!!! Maybe he does look like a weed smoking fool!!!!!! We thought that his sole patch was the only reason why he would be saught out instead of anyone else. Funny huh! They were in awe when he turned them down each time. So.. that was his first offer, and hopefully his last. He is always trying to be a rebel with attire and looks.

We had a ball with our friends Pat and Angie Cannon. We had amazing food...(well, there was endless food, but a little too fancy pants for me and Jays, we like good old fashion All American Food), we spent hours having good laughs, and lots of chillin' in the beautiful Caribbean! Oh what fun Memories!

So we spent time on seven diffrent islands. We flew into San Juan, and then we were off to St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, and St. Kitts.

The water was amazingly beautiful color, and the beaches were to die for on St. Thomas and St. Kitts. We snorkled with turtles and fish, kyacked the ocean in Barbados. In Antigua did a zip line through the rainforest (one of Jayson's favorites!). We saw amazing forts, volcano's, and we hiked and swam in hidden waterfalls. The scenery was lush and green with amazing flowers (true rainforest). Jayson and Pat had a ball body surfing, and spent hours watersliding on the ship! Angie and I, had some great shopping at each port.

We had unbelievable walks on the beach together. I absolutely fell in love with my cute hubby all over again! We had cherished talks, and just enjoyed being together. I absolutley loved his 100% attention, and being together every waking moment! It was very romantic and I suggest everyone takes a special trip with their spouse!

So, this was another thing that totally made my day, and you would be suprised how hard it was to find my Diet Coke on the islands! It was CRAZY! I love a good diet COKE! I got lots of crap because I was always wanting my favorite drink!

When it comes to Favorites I loved St. Lucia It was breathtaking! This is where Pirates of the Caribbean II was filmed. The kids loved that we had been there!

Megan Bay on St. Thomas was rated top 5 beaches in the world! It was awesome! The sand was white and the water was soo blue!

We toured a historical Fort in San Jaun. It was high on a hill and the arches and arcitecture was breathtaking!

Another breathtaking SUNSET... (Quiet and peaceful.... and SOO romantic!!!!!)

We are back to reality now, and I could have spent a few more weeks there, but we both started to miss the kids. We are already missing the warm tempatures! A special THANKS to GMA and GPA Haws, Jen, and the aunts, for being amazing babysitters while we were gone! I came home to a potty-trained Gavyn, who is now sleeping in his bed. I think we should go away more often. We had a wonderful time on our trip and we will treasure our fun memories FOREVER!


Erika said...

Wowzers, looks like tons of fun!! Cute pictures too, we never get pics of us together..I guess you need to take someone with you for that!! And how amazing to come home to a potty-trained little guy! Who did it? Can you send them my way?

binghamfamilyblogger said...

Wow, how fun. Dusty would never go on a cruise. I'm way jealous!!! Angie is such a sweetheart I bet you had a great time. Your blog is so cute. You need to help me with mine. It's pretty sad looking. I need to come look at your home decor stuff. I painted my bathroom and need somthing for to go in it. Mandi

Jo said...

Looks like you had an awesome trip! I think I'll try to talk Nate into saving for a trip like that! I like how you did your hair, you looked really cute! Tell Jays(from his sis) to keep his shirt on next time, he's seen buffer days! J/K! I just have to give him crap! I'm glad you had such a good time! Love Ya!

Veronica Reeve said...

Oh your pictures look so beautiful! How fun!! It makes me miss our cruise even more! Did you guys go on Carnival? The boat looks familiar to me. You guys both look great and it seems like you had a lot of fun stops. How fun!!

Ali said...

It looks like you had such an amazing time! I'm so happy for you guys, everyone deserves a trip with their sweethearts once in awhile. Your pictures are incredible, I love that you took 900 of them. ha ha! You look adorable in all of them, cute outfits, cute hair etc. etc... so put together for the islands, I need some tips! So funny that Jays got offered weed! He did look a little rebellious.... Well I'm a firm believer in alone time with your hubby, start planning for next year! BTW I would have loved meeting up with you in Utah for the show and shopping, try me again next time! We need to get together.

Erika said...

Hey again, thanks for the congrats on the addition, we are excited too! And I can't believe it's been 10 years either...he is a great guy! As for Primary, after 2 years as Pres. our ward just split (thank goodness, we were up to 240-ish kids including Nursery and I was a tad stressed!!)...anyway, and instead of staying in Primary, the Bishop shocked me and I am now YW Pres! Sheesh! So, less kids and more meetings and Girls Camp, etc. So, busy, busy..I feel for you! Good luck with it!

The McCulloughs said...

Sounds like you had so much fun and can I just say AMAZING pictures. We are going on a cruise this Sat. and we can't wait. Don't expect such lovely pictures (what kind of camera do you have... and are you like a photographer??) from us, but heck a week without the kids and we are going to love it! I bet you didn't even know what to do with yourselves without kids interrupting every 5 seconds- we will be shocked too! we willl let you know how it goes for us.