Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh CRAP!!!!! Summer is over and I am always behind!

It is now official. I am now one summer behind on documenting all the fun things we did this summer.So much for our family history, mom has messed it up once again. This happened with scrapbooking too, oh well I am trying...... so here is just a small summery of the fun we had over summer vacation. We started it off right by going to concerts in the park and enjoying some great music. Jenna and Gavyn both caught their first fish this year, thanks to grandpa Haws in Escalante. We spent time in the Mountains and Desert with Jayson's Family and ofcourse, there was Lava Hot Springs for another family get together. Don't let me forget the FAVORITE Swim lessons at the Brigham pool and the summer movies each week with so much popcorn we could hardly stand it. Grandma Hurd got married, so we shared in her happiness and then last, but not least we took a fun trip to Park City with friends to experience the Alpine coaster over Labor Day Weekend! We had a great summer being TOGETHER as a family, with fun memories we will cherish forever.

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Jo said...

Cute, Cute pictures! I'm glad you all had such a good summer! I still wish we could of made it to Escalante, it looks like everyone had a blast!