Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Weekend 08

The kids got to go to 3 egg hunts, and made off with a haul of candy! Each grandma had a fun egg hunt for them. Grandma "M" had a egg hunt for the adults (she says it is bribery to get us to come to her house), Jayson happened to win the Silver EGG with a wad of money! We had a nice dinner, and Jenna and Gavyn and cousin Libby Fed horses with grandpa!

On Saturday, we took the kids to see Horton Hears a Who. They loved it, and it was so fun to spend time with the kids, after our trip! They say the darnedest things and make us laugh!

Baylee, and I went to GOOD THINGS UTAH on Friday. It was fun and Baylee had a great time with all the Girls. Then, we were off to GARDNER-VILLAGE for lunch and some serious shopping.

Nicea, Marti, Reagan, and Angie were beautiful and so put together. They were so sweet to Baylee and paid her many compliments. We got to be on TV, which Baylee loved. I have decided these ladies have the best JOB ever. What a Life!!! They get to eat all the great food(they were always munching!), chat, meet great people, and get all new and upcoming great things. They all have personal trainers, hairdressers, wardrobe specialist. What else could you ask for....... and they get paid to do it!! We got tons of prizes and LOOT. We are definitely going again!

Baylee and Reagan Pose for a PICTURE at GOOD THINGS UTAH

To top it all off we got together with the Cannon's, and took the kids to the Dino Park. They had a ball playing, digging, hunting for eggs, laughing and giggling!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend filled with excitement. We hope you all had a great Easter weekend too!


Katie said...

Good Things Utah was so much fun!! We need to do it again!!!

Jo said...

Looks like you had a fun Easter! I love Good Things Utah, they always have good recipes and fun things to do. Before kids I got to watch it all the time, now I'm lucky if I catch it once a month or so.

chloereeseblog said...

I LOVE your Easter Pics. I tell people how cute the clips look on adults but they don't believe me. Can I have a copy of your pic with you and your girls to put on the blog? SO stinking cute. Good Things Utah? How fun is that? I wish we could watch it up in Idaho those girls seem like so much fun.

Bingham Family said...

I totally seen you on GTU and was so excited. I want to go so bad. Someday. kids make it hard to be gone all morning in the middle of the week. I watch GTU pretty much everyday, but not till all the kids are in bed. LOVE DVR. I love your pic, I'll have to call you next time we need family pic done.

Allison said...

Your pictures are so so cute! I stand amazed at what little posers you have. You all look perfectly perfect! It sounds like you had a great Easter, and such a fun time at good things Utah, what darling girls! I agree, they do have the perfect jobs!