Friday, January 18, 2008

Daddy Daughter Date-- GO JAZZ!!!!

All day today Jenna has been asking, "Is it tonight yet?" She has been so excited because she and her dad went to the Jazz game tonight. She has been so eager to take her turn. Last week it was Baylee's turn to go. It is crazy how they fight for their father's attention. I don't think they care much about the game, but more that they get some alone time with dad. It is good for them to get some one-on-one time with their dad.

I called Jayson and he said she lost interest in the game from the get-go. (Just as I figured!) He said she was restless after they ran out of good food. First Ice cream, then popcorn and pretzels, nachos and don't forget the drinks.

The Jazz won, but Jayson said it was a blow out and not that great of a game. Jenna was sacked out most of the drive home, but I am sure she loved every minute of it being the center of attention for the night.


Erika said...

Too cute...Jenna is huge!! Look at those dimples! We've been doing things like this too and the kids love it so much! I miss all you guys too, how is Kenna doing? I haven't talked to her in awhile. I am thinking about coming up to Salt Lake area in Feb-March when my sis-in-law has her baby, maybe we could meet would probably just be me tho! We'll see!

Allison Lee said...

Love Daddy daughter dates! I think that it is so great for each parent to get one on one time with each child, and what better way than attending a Jazz game and eating all the food you can fit?!