Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Miss Jenna

This is my little firecracker JENNA. She was kind enough to pose for a minute!

She had just woken up after a long drive! I am lucky she wasn't crying... What a good sport she was.

Jenna has been into choosing her own attire lately. Thus.... the stripped tights, church shoes, a camo skirt, and her famous and very... wrinkled Mickey Mouse jacket. She pulls is off pretty good, don't ya think? What a cutie!


Katie said...

We Love Jenna!

Erika said...

Melissa, that first one of Jenna is the outfit too! I will let you know when I am coming up!

JoLynn said...

I Love to see what outfit "Miss Jenna" has picked out for herself! She does a fantastic job of color cordinating! She always looks darling and is so proud to tell you what she's got on! I think she'll make a great fashion designer for all the stars!