Saturday, January 12, 2008

SURFING IN JANUARY (A fun Friday night date!)

We had a killer date last night at the Larry H. Miller complex in Ogden. Jayson and Jeremy Davis planned a date for their lovely wives. We ate at the famous Pizza factory and then it was off to catch the waves. Oh man, was I ever nervous---(About surfing and getting ripped up, but more importantly about loosing the swimsuit that was triple knotted.) Luckily, Kim and I had no major problems with that. It totally kicked my butt the first round, but after about the third time I could at least stay on the board for maybe 20 sec. Jayson and Jeremy stayed on good, you know guys, they make everything look easy! They enjoyed surfing and took some pretty wild spills. Jayson and I are both sore as heck today from it though, but we would definitely do it again. It was so fun!I highly recommend it. A great applause and a special Thanks! for a wonderful night. Good Job Honey!!!

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Allison Lee said...

This looks like so much fun, Bradey is dying to go try it out!