Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1..2..3.. Let's Try to SKI

Yes, We had geared ourselves up for an exhausting night of trying to teach our girls a thing or two about skiing! They did soooo good! We were extremely surprised, how effortless they made it look. We arrived just prior to night fall and stayed till closing at Wolf Mountain Saturday night. That was the perfect place to start them out learning. They had the best little bunny hill, which made mom and dad's life so much easier.
Jenna ripped down the little hill in nothing flat, with absolutely no fear. She, along with her little brother are our dare-devils! Baylee likes to play it a little more on the safe side. Jenna, on the other hand borderlines crazy! She was a very independent skier who thought she knew it all after her 2nd or 3rd time down. (She didn't want a thing to do with her mom and dad, except challenge them to a race down the hill.) Which, I am sad to say she usually won! She absolutely loved it, and the entire ride home Baylee and she thought and planned out every possible random holiday/or birthday they could think of in hopes to celebrate by going skiing again.

B train did a great job too! Her favorite part was how fast she could go. What a fun night for them. I still remember my first ski day with my dad at the BEAV when I was 5. What a treasured memory! Every kid should learn to ski!!! That night was probably one on the best family fun nights we have ever had. The kids had a ball and were on cloud nine. Oh yes, look closely below. Gavyn was going to hangout with uncle Jesse and play in the snow, but when he saw all of us, he begged and begged until we finally gave-in and got him a pair of ski's.

They didn't even have ski's or boots that were his size, so we took the smallest they had. He was better than all of us put together! He kept telling Jayson " Dad let go of me" and Jayson would and he would cruise down the hill almost faster than Jayson could keep up with him. As he was hauling down the hill he would laugh and giggle and say "WHEEEEEE!!!!!" and at the bottom would say, "lets do again" It totally blew me away how good he was at it. He is 2 and now loves to ski!
Jayson, and I got to go on a couple of runs all by ourselves--- Thanks to Jesse and some treats in the Lodge! This is a night I will never forget, what a fun family night!!!!


Katie said...

That looks like so much fun! Thank Heavens for uncle Jesse huh? We love him!

The Ashcroft's said...

How exciting! I'm so happy all of you kids had a great time, I agree all kids should try it. It is a great famiy activity. Now you have 3 ski bums! I can't believe Gavyn, I guess maybe Keaton will be able to join us next year.

Erika said...

Looks like fun...that's when people need to learn! As kids, cuz then they wouldn't stink so bad at it like I do! Ack, it scares me!!

Allison Lee said...

It sounds like you had a great time! Skiing is our favorite family activity at the moment, we try to head up to the mountain every few weeks, and we always have a great time. I have so many great memories of skiing while I was growing up, so I love making those same memories with my little girls. Go Gavyn! he sounds like a little stud! When Quincy started they didn't have boots small enough for her, so she had this big honkin boots with lots of socks to try to make them fit!

Jolynn said...

Sounds like a fun night even for Uncle Jesse! If Gavyn took to it so well, it makes me nervous to think how crazy Corbin would be! Maybe we'll just have to try it and see, then maybe we can reteach me while were there!